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Moderating Video Chats

Posted on April 28, 2022 by linda
Moderating Video Chats

COVID resulted in most moderators today being experienced at conducting online video chats. There are many similarities between in-person and online moderating. But there are important differences as well, which represent challenges to even the most experienced moderators. You’ll have multiple opportunities to practice moderating, and you’ll get feedback from trainers who’ve been successfully moderating video chats for more than two decades. This course will provide “hands-on” experiences in the art of moderating real-time (synchronous) online video group discussions. Focus will be on guidelines for managing respondents during the group, creative exercises, showing stimuli, etc. In addition to the scheduled activities noted in the roadmap, individual coaching will be available, and trainees will receive written feedback on their moderating experiences. Some prep work will be required of trainees as well.


RIVA moderating class (201, 202, 204, 207, or 303), or approval from CEO.