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Master Moderator Certificate Program™ – For Experienced Moderators

Posted on January 1, 2022 by linda
Master Moderator Certificate Program™ – For Experienced Moderators

A RIVA Training Institute Master Moderator Certificate will be awarded to those who complete training in a series of courses, workshops, and private work in addition to demonstrating their skills and knowledge before an objective examination panel, through written and practicum examinations as well as personal interview.

A RIVA Master Moderator™ Certificate offers three major benefits:

• Certificate program builds better-trained and more capable researchers, which benefits the industry, practitioners, its clients, and the public

• Moderators can provide assurance to their clients and supervisors that they are capable of performing to high standards

• Research Managers and clients have a quick, easy, and trusted way to qualify qualitative research practitioners

Candidates enrolled in the certificate program receive a $500 scholarship that is applied to all classes taken after the first one in an anniversary. (i.e. if you take two classes you get $500 off on the second class, if three in the same calendar year that will total a savings of $1000.)

Requirements for entry into the Master Moderator Certificate Program™

• Completed Registration/Application form with review and approval of the Director

• Enrollment exam fee of $500, due upon acceptance into the program. The enrollment fee is non-refundable/non-transferable.

• A commitment to excellence as a qualitative research practitioner and moderator

All Certification Program participants must:

• Complete RIVA 201, RIVA 202, or RIVA 303

• Two (2) additional RIVA 200-500 level courses (excludes RIVA 433)

• In addition to the second bullet above, all candidates must complete RIVA 433, Mastery in Action

• Conduct a minimum of 200 qualitative research events (such as focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies/in-home interviews, online bulletin boards/focus groups, etc.)

• Pass the RIVA Master Moderator Certificate Program™ examination (written & practicum) with a grade of 75% or higher

For more information on the Master Moderator program please contact Amber Tedesco at or 301.770.6456 x101