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Advanced Moderating

Posted on May 23, 2022 by linda
Advanced Moderating

This 4-day course is designed for experienced moderators who have conducted over 40 focus groups or have equivalent experience as determined by the CEO. It will provide a review of current skills with feedback and coaching to reach higher levels of research findings. Additionally, training is provided on current qualitative research methodologies. Participants will gain insights into working productively with client challenges and how to effectively work with the back-room team. The driving force in this course is on trainer coaching and feedback.

Course Prerequisites:

Must have moderated a minimum of 40 focus groups.

After taking this course, graduates will be able to:

• Integrate feedback and coaching to move towards masterful moderating

• Identify subtle data that is missed by some moderators and observers

• Develop strategies for dealing with their own “difficult” respondents

• Implement techniques to productively use rather than dismiss or subdue challenging respondents, such as dominators and “experts”

• Develop alternative techniques to elicit appropriate respondent behavior

• Revise use and timing of creative techniques that work for more than surface data based on coached feedback

• Effectively manage backroom dynamics

• Define the role of ethics in qualitative research

• Demonstrate the integration of feedback to run a focus group study

How Students are Assessed: 

Students are expected to attend and participate in all modules, including lectures, practice sessions with students, practice sessions with recruited respondents, and open forums. Trainers use in-depth feedback forms to provide students with individualized, targeted written and oral feedback throughout the class. At the end of class, students will have the opportunity to practice all they have learned in two recruited mock sessions.