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FAQs: #AskaRIVATrainer Facebook Live

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Riva Market Research Training Institute

What is #AskaRIVATrainer?

As part of RIVA’s commitment to helping the qualitative market research field continue to grow, we are offering a new Facebook Live series called #AskaRIVATrainer. In this series, we are bringing the expertise of our phenomenal trainers straight to your phone or computer screen! If you’ve ever had a burning question about qualitative market research, now’s your opportunity to ask!

Each Facebook Live event will be hosted on our Facebook page and a call for questions will go up on our social media platforms two weeks prior to the event. [Don’t forget to like/follow the page while you’re there to stay up-to-date!] The live events take place at 1pm ET and are held quarterly .

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does it cost to join?/Is the event free?

All of our Facebook Live Events are free and open to the public via Facebook access.

How do I register to view the Facebook Live Event?

There is no registration necessary to view the Live video.

How do I access the Facebook Live event?

You can view through a web browser by logging into your Facebook account and then going to our Page: RIVA Market Research and Training. We recommend that you use Google Chrome.

If you are viewing from a cell phone, you will have to download the Facebook app in order to view a Live video.

If I don’t have a Facebook account, can I still view the video?

It is our understanding that if you don’t have a Facebook page, you can still follow the link to the page and view the video, but we cannot guarantee that. RIVA currently does not film the sessions, so we cannot provide a recording for you.

How long is this event?

We strictly stick to 20 minutes.

Is this a webinar?

No. This event lasts for 20 minutes with trainers answering previously submitted questions. There is no PowerPoint used in these sessions. Our webinars are held quarterly and require registration and payment through our website.

Can we submit questions during the session?

You can post questions in the comments section of the video, if you’d like. However, they may not be answered during the session. The trainer may answer your question after the video in the comments section, but that is up to their discretion.

The best way to get a question answered is to send in your question during the “Call for Questions” post prior to the Live video.

*A note: The event only lasts for 20 minutes, so the trainers will only be able to answer a handful of questions, meaning they may not have time to answer every question submitted.

Why can’t I see the video?/What do I do if I can’t see a video on your page?

First, try refreshing the page, change the browser, or clear your cache.

You will also need to have Adobe Flash Player downloaded on your computer in order to view the video through Facebook.

I can’t watch the event during the time it is scheduled, can I view the video later on?

Yes, once the Live event is over, Facebook takes a few minutes to prepare the video and then it is available for you to watch on our page.