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Project Management & Screener Development

Posted on May 23, 2022 by linda
Project Management & Screener Development

A successful qualitative research project is more than just a good focus group or interview. Having the right respondents and staying on top of all of the 12-steps in a qualitative research project has a great impact on the project flowing smoothly.



RIVA 199 has been developed to help qualitative researchers refine the administrative skills that make a project successful. In some companies, the moderator is responsible for all parts of the study from proposal to final report. Some companies assign a portion of these duties to others in the organization, rather than the moderator.

This one-day course is designed to support individuals who are responsible for managing a qualitative research study, writing proposals, and developing the screener for recruiting respondents, or for those who manage those who do. The course also covers best practices on communicating with clients, facilities, moderators, as well as other vendors.  Standing on student experiences as examples, as well as RIVA materials, students will deconstruct these examples to determine the best practices at achieving desired results.

After taking this class, graduates will be able to:
  • Develop a solid plan for successfully managing the myriad of elements in qualitative studies
  • Use checklists, facility letters, memoranda to communicate with clients, facilities, and others on the project team
  • Write a research proposal
  • Explain the critical elements that should be included in screeners
  • Diagnose screener weaknesses and develop solutions
How Students are Assessed: 

Students are expected to attend all modules, complete all written assignments [proposal, screener, etc.], and participate in open forums. This class is guided by its participants, personalizing each session to address student challenges and concerns by exploring real-world examples.

To WAIT-LIST for a class, please register for another class date. Once registered for a class, contact RIVA to be placed on the list of the class you are interested in taking.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion:

• Completed Registration form
• Enrollment fee paid in full
• Complete and participate in all course modules on each day of class and reach all the learning objectives

After successful completion of this course students will receive .6 CEUs.

After completing this RIVA course, you will receive a “Certificate of Completion” stating you have completed the coursework that was required of you. This is not the same as saying you are “certified” as a moderator/analyst/planner/facilitator. You may add this terminology to your resume: “Holds a Certificate of Completion in [NAME OF TRAINING COURSE], from the RIVA Training Institute.” You cannot say you are a “Certified Researcher” because you have not completed a written exam or practicum. If you are interested in certification, please review RIVA’s Master Moderator Certificate Program.