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Four decades of training individuals in qualitative skills

The RIVA Training Institute fundamentally changed and elevated the field of qualitative market research.


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Qualitative research, driven by our unique philosophy

We practice what we teach to discover individuals’ perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes.


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RIVA Moderator Maxims
We call them Naomi-isms.
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Be with people, not with paper.

Your notes can only take you so far, but the potential in authentic conversation is boundless.


RIVA Moderator Maxims
We call them Naomi-isms.
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Watch what respondents do, not just what they say.

Nonverbal cues can point the way to better insights.


RIVA Moderator Maxims
We call them Naomi-isms.
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The most important part of the session is rapport building.

Trust and ease of conversation can unlock remarkable information.



We do what we teach, and teach what we do.

RIVA staff are highly respected professionals with extensive knowledge in the qualitative market research and training industries.

RIVA classes, renowned for experiential training and conducted by skilled moderator and trainers, stands on small class size to allow for individualized coaching and feedback.


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RIVA Courses

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Principles of Qualitative Market Research
Graphic depicting project management course.
Project Management & Screener Development
Class in fundamentals of moderating.
Fundamentals of Moderating
Skill Acceleration
All About Ethnography
Moderating kids and teens can be challenging.
Moderating Kids & Teens
Instructor teaching IDI Moderating.
Fundamentals of IDI Moderating
Qualitative Analysis & Reporting course.
Qualitative Analysis & Reporting
Beyond Probes – Using Interventions and Projective Techniques to Get Below Top-of-Mind Answers
Advanced moderating skills for focus group moderators.
Advanced Moderating
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Mastery in Action & Exam
Facilitating course is hands-on.
Facilitating: Practical Tools, Tips, & Techniques
Guide Development Workshop
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Moderating Video Chats
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There’s more to explore



Asynchronous Options

Hectic schedule? Learn at your own pace with an asynchronous course.


Customized Courses

RIVA can tailor classes to an organization’s unique training needs.


Keynote Presentations

Bring RIVA’s insights and charisma
to your next event.


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Naomi Henderson, fmr. CEO of RIVA
A Tribute to Naomi Henderson

The Naomi Henderson Legacy Awards

The Awards celebrate two of Naomi’s loves: the art of teaching and helping upskill people on how to moderate qualitative research whether through RIVA, at events and webinars, and on university campuses. If you had a question, Naomi was known to make herself available.

With the Naomi Henderson Legacy Awards, Insights Association, QRCA and RIVA Market Research and Training Institute seek to support the next Naomi Hendersons now and future.